Language Interpretation



Audioquip TableTop (Isolation Booth)
ClearSonic IsoPac i (Isolation Booth)
Williams Sound IC2 (Interpreter Console)
Williams Sound DLT300 (Digital Digi-Wave Transceiver)
Williams Sound DLR360 (Digital Digi-Wave Receiver)
Williams Sound DWD102 (Docking Station)
Listen Technologies LT800 (Transmitter)
Listen Technologies LR400 (Receiver)

ClearSonic IsoPac i

ClearSonic IsoPac i
ClearSonic IsoPac i ×
  • 6 panel Plexiglass front and sides
  • 4 panel carpeted rear section
  • 3 panel carpeted top
  • Custom table
  • Accommodates 1 or 2 interpreters comfortably
With AQ interpretation system $85.00
Separately (without AQ system) $120.00